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Arizona Cardinals upset of Dallas Cowboys was most surprising outcome of Week 3 to NFL fans

The Arizona Cardinals upset of the Cowboys shocked NFL fans.

Dallas Cowboys v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

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The Arizona Cardinals made sure everyone knows they can win a game. At least one, they won’t be 0-17.

It won’t take until the Houston Texans game or the Chicago Bears game for them to get off the snide.

It was also a huge surprise to see them beat the Dallas Cowboys, even if the guys in the locker room were not surprised.

That is why, 51% of fans saw the Cardinals win over the Cowboys as the biggest surprise of the week three NFL slate... Full of upsets, surprised and 70-point games.

I am actually surprised by how overwhelming the Cardinals upset was over everything but the Miami Dolphins scoring outburst. Also, how is the Cardinals beating the Cowboys more surprising than seeing 70-points scored in a game?

I know everyone expected the Cardinals to be bad, but the Cardinals beating the Cowboys is more surprising than seeing 70-points scored in an NFL game?


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