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Commanders Chase Young ruled out for game against Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals will not have to see Chase Young in week one.

Washington Football Team v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals will catch a small break on Sunday as the Washington Commanders have ruled out star edge rusher Chase Young for Sunday’s game.

If you checked out our five questions with the enemy, you saw that the Commanders are prepared for this:

“Young’s “stinger” has developed into a multi-week mystery where he hasn’t even been allowed to have contact in practices. If he sits out, his replacement will be James Smith-Williams (JSW), who played most of 2022 in Young’s stead and was stable, if unremarkable. Young has a higher ceiling, but JSW is a solid fill-in.”

The thing is, Young is the best and most dynamic pass rusher of the group, but the Commanders defensive line is elite, so it will still present a huge challenge for the Arizona Cardinals in week one.

Maybe the Commanders pass rush takes a slight hit, but overall this is going to be a great test for the Cardinals revamped offensive line.