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2024 NFL Draft: Who is in, who is out and how does that impact the Arizona Cardinals?

We discuss the 2024 NFL Draft.

Minnesota v Ohio State Photo by Jason Mowry/Getty Images

Happy Friday night one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals are in 2024 NFL Draft mode, which means most of us are as well.

Justin and I are back to discuss which players are in the 2024 NFL Draft and which ones are returning to school next year.

Some names for the Arizona Cardinals to know, especially at wide receiver, cornerback and day two defensive players.

There are some end of the first round wide receivers who could fit what the Arizona Cardinals need as well.

From there, we discuss the depth at quarterback, offensive line and wide receiver and lack of depth at running back, tight end and top end of the draft defensive tackles.

We discuss how that could change the way you look at the draft and when and where you pull the trigger on certain position groups.

This is a great early prep for the 2024 NFL Draft, so sit back, relax and enjoy.