Is it just me?

I was recently reminded of this by Kurt Warner tweeting about his performances in Superbowls. Of course there are haters and many people said he was throwing his defense under the bus. That was definitely not his point. I'm mentioning this because someone commented that the pick 6 by Harrison just before Halftime was really the deciding factor in the game.

That play brings up very bad feelings for me. Anquan Bolden, who was at the time my favorite Cardinal, committed the ultimate sin. Watching the replay during the halftime and the million other times I've seen it completely changed my opinion of him.

Q gave up on the play. He stopped chasing at the 16 yard line. In the meantime Fitz and Breston , both from much further away, eventually caught up a smidge too late.

This was the Superbowl. You can't not hustle! I've never heard anyone else question his heart. Am I alone in feeling this way? At least Aaron Francisco can blame a lack of talent (but he hustled back to tackle Holmes inside the 10, after falling near midfield.

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