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Arizona Cardinals 2024 opponents set

The Arizona Cardinals will take on the NFC North, AFC East among their 2024 games

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Cardinals finished with the worst record in the NFC West, and that means they play a last place schedule in 2024.

Of course, they finished with the worst record in 2022 and played a last place schedule this year that ended up being the second hardest in the NFL, so nothing matters.

However, we do know the opponents for 2024 and here they are:



Obviously we won’t know until May when these games are played, but Green Bay, Minnesota and Buffalo are all places if you can afford and in it is in September or early October I would look to roadtrip.

Also, with the Cardinals having nine home games, I am assuming one ends up as an international game this season.

Should be a fun offseason as we head towards another year of Arizona Cardinals football.