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2024 NFL head coaching fits?

Where will the top NFL head coaching candidates land?

NFL Combine - Day 2

Now that Mike Vrable has been fired by the Titans, could this create a ripple effect on the NFL’s head coaching vacancies?

I had a feeling all along that Vrable would be fired at the end of this season — for two reasons:

  1. The new GM Ran Carthon would want to bring in his own HC and now with QB Will Levis taking over as QB, it would make great sense for Carthon to hire Bobbly Slowik to accomplish what he has been accomplishing with C.J. Stroud. Slowik was Kyle Shanahan’s passing game coordinator in 2022. Ran Carthon knows him well.
  2. Well, it seems everywhere DeAndre Hopkins goes, the HC is fired. Hopkins is 3 for 3. Just a crazy coincidence?

Here in New England, the buzz is that Bill Belichick staying on as HC is, as Patriots’ beat writer @MikeReiss:

Here’s a big picture guess:

The excitement from Patriots fans to see Mike Vrable succeed the G.O.A.T would be enormous.

Justin Herbert with Ben Johnson would be nothing to Goff at.

Jim Harbaugh to the Raiders could incite this draft:

Bill Belichick to the Panthers at $25M a year and he brings Bill O’Brien to pick up where he left off with Bryce Young in 2022.

Kalen DeBoer has won wherever he’s coached and has a knack for developing quarterbacks in the vertical passing game. The Commanders have the #2 pick and would want DeBoer to take his pick, which could even possibly be Michael Penix if the Commanders trade down 5-10 spots for a haul.

And Todd Monken to the Falcons just feels 100% geographically desirable. Falcons then trade a 3rd round pick to the Rams for Stenson Bennett. And, of course, at #8 they draft the best player no one is talking about in this draft: TE Brock Bowers to join with Drake London and Kyle Pitts as make an All-World MEGA 6’4” Triple-Threat

Maybe not much longer!

Ya think?