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Super Bowl LVIII news and notes on the San Francisco 49ers

Taking a look at the San Francisco 49ers as they prepare for Super Bowl LVIII

Super Bowl LVIII - San Francisco 49ers Practice Photo by Chris Unger/Getty Images

Happy Sunday morning one and all.

The Arizona Cardinals NFC West rivals the San Francisco 49ers are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII and we checked in with Niners Nation to see what is going on with the 49ers.


49ers news: How will you be watching Super Bowl Sunday? - Niners Nation
Will it be with a party? At home? There are plenty of ways to watch the San Francisco 49ers.

49ers news: How does a Super Bowl affect Kyle Shanahan’s legacy? - Niners Nation
San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan will look to earn the lone feat that has evaded him over his career on Sunday.

49ers news: Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs can’t do this vs. the Niners - Niners Nation
San Francisco 49ers DC Steve Wilks can help out his players by adjusting. The question is: Will he?

49ers news: Chase Young, Niners defense needs better effort vs. Chiefs - Niners Nation
The 49ers defensive end was forthcoming about the team’s effort issues against the Lions.

49ers news: Christian McCaffrey gives the Niners a big edge vs. the Chiefs - Niners Nation
Why San Francisco 49ers RB Christian McCaffrey should also be in for a big day

49ers news: Fred Warner explains why the Chiefs will be the ‘biggest challenge’ - Niners Nation
San Francisco 49ers LB Fred Warner believes the Niners will be up for the challenge against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs

49ers news: How George Kittle’s personality blends into the Niners culture - Niners Nation
The tight end’s personality has rubbed off well on his teammates, including quarterback Brock Purdy.

49ers news: What the Niners can’t afford and what the Chiefs do well - Niners Nation
Besides the obvious, as we break down the San Francisco 49ers matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs

49ers news: Inside’s Tashaun Gipson long journey to 1st SB appearance - Niners Nation
The 49ers veteran safety has had a long journey to get to this moment.

49ers news: How Deommodore Lenoir went from the doghouse to a top DB - Niners Nation
The 49ers cornerback has taken a big step up as a starter in 2023.

49ers news: Brock Purdy has come a long way from first game vs. Chiefs - Niners Nation
The 49ers QB had a tough debut against the Chiefs. Now, he’ll look to beat them for a Super Bowl.

49ers news: Arik Armstead says the sky is the limit for Javon Kinlaw - Niners Nation
We had the chance to sit down with Javon Kinlaw on Wednesday and talk about his journey as a pro since the San Francisco 49ers drafted him.

49ers news: NFL Insider believes Brandon Aiyuk earns a new contract - Niners Nation
Brandon Aiyuk is the epitome of the San Francisco 49ers culture.

49ers looking to defy the odds by beating Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs - Niners Nation
The 49ers could break a common NFL trend if they can pull off the victory over the Chiefs.

49ers news: Patrick Willis is a Hall of Famer; Christian McCaffrey OPOY - Niners Nation
What a night for the San Francisco 49ers as Christian McCaffrey won the Offensive Player of the Year award while Patrick Willis was inducted into the Hall of Fame

49ers Super Bowl History: Championship losses against Ravens, Chiefs - Niners Nation
The last two Super Bowl games for the 49ers against the Chiefs and Ravens weren’t pretty for a multitude of reasons.

49ers news: Similarities and differences in rosters since the 2020 Super Bowl - Niners Nation
A lot has changed since the San Francisco 49ers lost Super Bowl LIV, but some things remain the same

49ers news: Why Kyle Shanahan will be Super Bowl champion - Niners Nation
From history to the spot to the playoffs, numerous signs point to a San Francisco 49ers victory.

49ers news: Brock Purdy has “had a hell of a week in practice” ahead of SB - Niners Nation
Despite the poor field conditions, the 49ers are practicing as hard as ever ahead of the big game.

49ers news: Should Niners or Chiefs be underdogs in the Super Bowl? - Niners Nation
The Chiefs are underdogs for their third consecutive matchup.

49ers-Chiefs Roster Preview: Nick Bosa and the game within The Big Game - Niners Nation
The San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs rosters have some holdover from SB 54, but it’s the differences that may make the difference

Super Bowl LVIII: 49ers kicker Jake Moody is undefeated at Allegiant Stadium - Niners Nation
Should the game come down to a field least he’s done it before

Super Bowl LVIII: Jimmy Garoppolo predicts the Chiefs will beat the 49ers - Niners Nation
San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo gave a score prediction that 49ers fans will not approve of