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Arizona Cardinals fans want to move on from Marquise Brown

Fans are not worried about the salary, they are just ready to move on from Hollywood Brown.

San Francisco 49ers v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

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Arizona Cardinals fans have seen enough.

We asked this week if fans wanted to see the team bring back Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, and fans voted loud and clear, they are ready to move on from the wide receiver as only 28% of fans want the team to re-sign Brown.

I get the fact it has been tough with how he has not put up the numbers that come with what they traded for him.

However, with the market the way it is, I still think if you can get him on a one year deal for the $12-15 million, I think it makes a lot of sense,

It gives you a lot of choices heading into the draft, and doesn’t make things as desperate.

I get wanting to move on, but if the price is right, I think you bring him back.