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Revenge of the Birds Podcast #197: Kyler’s ACL Tear with @TimRingTV and Steve Keim’s Leave of Absence

LISTEN: TV’s Tim Ring of the Cardinals Pre-Post game radio show joins Blake to discuss the Kyler Murray injury only to receive breaking news of Steve Keim’s health issues taking a step back from the team. What does it mean?

Tim Ring guest co-hosts as he and Blake talk though the injury to Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, the 2022 Cards failure and the Steve Keim news breaks during recording at the 11-minute mark:

  • What does the future look like for the Cardinals while they hope to get Kyler Murray back sometime, even as late as mid-season?
  • Why has Kliff Kingsbury struggled to gain traction in the desert?
  • Steve Keim’s health news and what it means if this indeed is part of him stepping away from the franchise
  • The outlook for DeAndre Hopkins & Hollywood Brown
  • Possible Coaching candidates if Kliff is on the chopping block
  • And of course...can the Cardinals win the possible Battle of the Backups this Sunday against the Denver Broncos?

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