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John Clayton believes Jay Gruden will end up coaching the Arizona Cardinals

ESPN insider John Clayton believes Jay Gruden will end up being the guy for the Arizona Cardinals.

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The Cardinals finished up their first interview with Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell yesterday and by all indications, things went well. They are also set to interview Bruce Arians, the assistant coach of the Colts, on Thursday. But that hardly makes either one of them a lock to get the job. In fact, ESPN insider John Clayton thinks it will end up being someone they already interviewed.

Clayton told Arizona Sports 620 that he thinks Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden will be the guy in the end. He cites that Arians will likely choose to stay in Indianapolis due to the bevy of talent he has to work with there (mainly, Andrew Luck). Why would Arians want to leave Luck for a much more unstable position? Besides, if he continues to do wonders in Indy, he will get more head coaching opportunities next year.

Bevell could be an option, but Clayton still thinks it will be Gruden. I completely disagree.

First of all, Clayton has already been wrong on several reports pertaining to the Cardinals' coaching search. First he said that the Cardinals were likely to retain Ken Whisenhunt. Then he thought that Ray Horton would be a legitimate candidate for a multitude of jobs, which it seems like he never was. Teams ended up opting for more experienced, offensive minded coaches instead.

Secondly, why would the Cardinals go through these second wave of interviews if they think Gruden is going to be there guy? Do they really need to do more due diligence after already having interviewed Horton, Mike McCoy and others. Why not just hire him at this point if they think he is the guy?

I am not sold on the idea of Gruden becoming the Cardinals' head coach, nor do I think that is what is going to happen. But don't take it from me -- take it from the ESPN guy.

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