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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings

Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals in first if you want to look at it that way

Through seven games the Arizona Cardinals have one win and are sitting near the bottom of the power rankings.

Arizona Cardinals not the worst in Week 7 NFL Power Rankings, thanks to one truly incompetent team

The Week 7 NFL Power Rankings have the Cardinals just outside of the worst in the NFL.

Arizona Cardinals out of the cellar in Week 6 NFL Power Rankings, thanks to Josh Rosen

The Arizona Cardinals have moved up in the latest 2018 NFL Power Rankings.

Arizona Cardinals still last in Week 5 NFL Power Rankings, but the tone has changed

The Week 5 NFL Power Rankings have the Cardinals in last place, but things have changed.

2018 NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Arizona Cardinals consensus rankings among worst in NFL

The Power Rankings after week one are not pretty for the Arizona Cardinals.

Week 4 NFL Power Rankings: Can Anyone Stop the New England Patriots?

Jesse Reynolds gives you the rankings of the best to worst teams in the NFL heading into week four.

Week 1 Power Rankings: Steelers Triple Threat Tops the Charts

Where do the Arizona Cardinals fall after a tough loss in Week 1 of the 2016 season?

Power rankings: Cards inexplicably fall to 5th

They are now behind...the Seahawks

Power rankings: Cards still top-5 team

Things still looking good for 2016.

Power rankings: Cards almost a consensus No. 1

A loss by the Panthers and big win by Arizona shoots the Cardinals to the top in most polls.

Week 17 Power Rankings: Cards are the best!

Where do the Arizona Cardinals rank in this week's NFL Power Rankings?

Power rankings: Should Cards be number 2?

Most power rankings believe that is the case now.

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

Where do the Arizona Cardinals fall in this week's Power Rankings? Click the link to find out!

Cards still near the top in all power rankings

A roundup of the latest set of power rankings after Week 12.

Power rankings: Cards (almost) No. 3 for all

Arizona right there near the top.

Power rankings: Cards consensus top 4 team

The win in Seattle is huge.

Week 11 Power Rankings

Where do the Cards fall in the weeks power rankings? Click the link to find out!

AZ Cardinals power rankings roundup

What do the experts say about the Cardinals now that they enter the second half?

Week 10 Power Rankings

See where the Cardinals rank in this week's power rankings!

Cards 6th in almost all power rankings

They keep winning and now everyone is almost in agreement.

2015 Week 9 Power Rankings

Blowouts and tight games help straighten out the team rankings.

Power rankings: Where are the Cards in Week 8?

Where to the Cardinals rank entering Week 8?

2015 Week 6 power rankings: Cardinals fall down

Panthers crack top 5, Packers stay on top.

Power rankings: Where are the Cards ranked by all?

Where do they stand in power rankings around the Web now?

2015 Week 5 NFL Power Rankings

Another week of NFL action means more NFL Power Rankings!

Cards understandably not as high in power rankings

People are jumping off the hype train.

ROTB Week 4 NFL power rankings

The weekly ROTB rankings are in.

Where are the Cards in power rankings?

They are as high as No. 2 and as low as fifth.

2015 Power Rankings: Top 2 teams trade spots

It was definitely not a week for the rankings to remain the same.

Week 3 power rankings roundup

Where are the Cards ranked this week nationally?

Power rankings after Week 2!

The Power Rankings after only week two.

Power rankings roundup: Cards mostly in Top 5

Power rankings from around the Web.

Power rankings after Week 1!

We rank the NFL teams the way we feel they should be ranked.

Pats atop power rankings to start 2015, AZ No. 5

Team rankings after one week of football.

Power rankings: Cards slip a couple of spots.

The injury to Michael Floyd looms large.

Pre-training camp power rankings: Where is AZ?

How does each NFL team stack up as they head into training camp?