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Arizona Cardinals Power Rankings

Pre-training camp power rankings: Where is AZ?

How does each NFL team stack up as they head into training camp?

Where do Cards rank in AZCentral power rankings?

We are a few weeks away from the preseason. How does local writer Bob McManaman rank the league's 32 teams?

Find out where AZ ranks in future power rankings

The team is in a good place now and looking ahead, but the QB situation needs to be addressed

Cards 10th in Peter King power rankings

Some interesting rankings by Peter King.

Power rankings! Cards move up in ESPN poll

Power rankings already?

Cards 7th in offseason power rankings

How did the Cardinals make it so high after such an ending to the season?

Week 16 Power Rankings

Click to find out where the Cards stand approaching the final game of the season!

Week 12 Power Rankings: Cards slip down the list

Who leads the list this week? Click to find out!

Week 11 Power Rankings

Are the Cards or the Pats at #1 this week? Click to find out!

ROTB Week 11 Rankings: Where do the Cardinals sit?

Another week is in the book and that means the rankings of the league fluctuate again. Who sits dominate this week?

Power rankings roundup: Where are the Cards ranked

See where the Internet experts say the Cardinals rank.

Week 10 ROTB power rankings

Where do we rank the teams in the NFL right now?

Cards are consensus No. 2 in power rankings

The big win over the Eagles forces everyone to pay attention.

Week 9 ROTB Power Rankings

Where do the Cardinals stand nearly halfway through the NFL season? Click here to find out!

Week 8 power rankings roundup

The rankings around the Web still show some reservation about the team.

Power rankings roundup: Where do the Cards rank?

Power rankings!

Week 7 ROTB power rankings

Another week and it is time to rank the teams.

Power rankings: Cards slipping a bit after loss

Rounding up the power rankings for you.

Week 5 Power Rankings: Cardinals slip out of top 5

After their first loss, the Cardinals fell down the ranks. Click here to find out who's above them.

The Cards and power rankings around the Web

How do the Cardinals rank now they faced the bye?

2014 NFL Power Rankings: Where do the Cards sit?

The season is young and the team is one of the best in the league. There are surprises throughout the league, and that shows in this weeks ROTB power rankings.

Cards getting power rankings love

Rounding up the rankings from around the Web,, Arizona is getting serious love now.

Cards and power rankings

Rounding up rankings for the Cardinals.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

Cardinals retain in good standing. Click here to find out the standings!

Power rankings roundup after Week 1

Let's see where the Cardinals are ranked after one week.

ROTB Week 2 power rankings

Week one is in the books, and so begins everyone's favorite Power rankings.

Week 1 NFL Power Rankings

The first ROTB Power Rankings of the season

NFL Week 17 Power Rankings: We Have A New No.1!

With only one week left of the 2013 regular season it's all still to play for in the wildcard places in both conferences. Ten teams are vying for the four remaining play-off spots, one thing's for sure - Week 17 will be something special!

NFL Week 15 Power Rankings: Cards in the Top 10

Just three weeks of football left and the play-off picture has solidified at the division leader level, but wildcard spots are still up for grabs. Your Week 14 Power Rankings are here:

NFL Week 14 Power Rankings

Just four weeks of football left and the playoff picture has solidified at the division leader level, but wildcard spots are still up for grabs. Your Week 14 power rankings are here:

NFL Week 13 Power Rankings

We are one week further along in the 2013 NFL schedule but are still no closer to figuring out which teams will make the post season. A cluster of teams in both conferences are still mathematically 'in the hunt' for a play-off birth, but where do they rank amongst each-other? Your Week 13 power rankings are here:

NFL Week 11 Power Rankings

As we move towards the later stages of the season, the play-off picture is beginning to take place, and the men separate themselves from the boys so to speak. With a host of teams sitting in and around .500, anything could happen from here on in. The Week 11 Power Rankings are here:

2013 NFL power rankings: Chiefs keep hold of #1

Who's up, who's down and where are the Arizona Cardinals in the latest ROTB power rankings?

Power rankings roundup

What does the Internet say about the Cards?

ROTB power rankings: Chiefs No. 1!

We rank the teams from 1-32 in Week 8.

ROTB Week 7 power rankings

Who moved up? Who went down? Where are the Cards?