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Like most Arizona Cardinals fans, they weren't my first team. Until they arrived, my team was the Baltimore Colts, because I idolized Johnny Unitas. I even copied his throwing motion. Then, they moved, and the owner's name became a filthy curse word in my home, never to be spoken or heard again. When the Cards arrived, the Colts became my AFC team (once they changed conferences), and the Cards my NFC team. I care a lot about the Cards. Too much, my family says. I'm depressed when they lose (so I've been depressed quite a few Monday mornings since 1988). I've been conducting my therapy by making snarky comments for the past few years, especially on Revenge of the Birds. So I'm happy to continue, now as a staff writer!

4/19: Bird Droppings: Cards schedule released

Cards have only one national TV game on a Thursday night, a contrarian view of the draft, and some potential draftees visit the desert.

What FA help is there for the defensive front?

Are there upgrades out there for the Cardinals?

4/17: Bird Droppings: Josh Cribbs, Larry Centers

Larry Centers back to announce draft picks, Josh Cribbs may sign with team soon, former Cards kicker Pat Summerall dies at 82.

Any FA help at QB, special teams?

We look at whether there is or not.

4/13 Bird Droppings: New LBs competing for jobs

Brinkley and Alexander want to start, new coach Tom Pratt learns the lessons of the past, and five players that might not be a good fit for the Cardinals.

4/12 Bird Droppings: OL flexibility, NFL Draft

Your daily Arizona cardinals and NFL news to start your day.

Looking at remaining FA WR, RB, TE and FB

Our armchair GM gives his thoughts.

4/11: Bird Droppings: vet guard signs, draft talk

Chilo Rachal signs, QBs and WRs get together on the field; more draft talk; and Peterson sides with the Commissioner.

What free agents could help the O-line?

A look at who the Cardinals should be looking at still.

4/6 Bird Droppings: Kolb disses coaching

Kolb gets breath of fresh air in Buffalo; Levi Brown coming back; more sour grapes about Palmer from Cincinnati this time.