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John has been a Revenge of the Birds writer since 2018. (If you can survive the Wilks/Rosen year, you can survive anything.) He's been a Valley sports fan all his life and enjoys writing from a fan's perspective. But he's not afraid to take a deep dive into the numbers if needed as well. When he's not writing for RotB, John is a college professor and enjoys watching sports, playing fantasy sports, drinking craft beer, and hanging with his doggo.

Should the Arizona Cardinals consider a QB with a Day 1 or 2 draft pick?

There has been some speculation of late that the Arizona Cardinals are looking at early-round QBs. Fact or fiction? Astute or asinine?

What will it take for the Arizona Cardinals to make the playoffs in 2024?

The Cardinals just spent January watching the playoffs from home... again. What will it take for that to change in 2024?

Cardinals all-in on the offense this offseason?

For a fun exercise, let’s see what might happen if GM Monti Ossenfort goes all-in on the offensive side of the ball this offseason.

Making dollars and ‘cents’ out of the Arizona Cardinals roster after the season

Now that the season is over, it’s time to assess the roster’s value, again using a system of dollars and cents.

Scenarios for the Arizona Cardinals and the #4 pick

The season is over and the Arizona Cardinals have another high draft pick. You know what that means: endless speculation, talk about scenarios, and mock drafts! Let’s get started.

What happens in Week 18 after a potentially franchise-altering win in Week 17?

Last week’s upset win could have massive ramifications for the future of this franchise. Let’s explore that and look ahead to Week 18.

Bright spots on the Arizona Cardinals offense

Last week, we searched for bright spots on the defense. This week, we look at the offense. Who have been the bright spots on this mostly underwhelming unit?

Are there any bright spots on this Arizona Cardinals defense?

The defense has been bad this year—there’s no other way of putting it. But that doesn’t mean the defense doesn’t have any good players. Here are a few that have stood out this season.

What’s at stake for the Cardinals in the final 4 games of the season?

We may be 3-10 but there’s still plenty for the Cardinals to play for in the last month of the season. Here’s what at stake in these final four games.

Who is the most disliked former Arizona Cardinal?

Patrick Peterson was back in Cardinals fans’ lives last weekend. He’s certainly not one of the most well-liked former Cardinals. That brings to mind the question: Who is the most disliked former Cardinal?