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John has been a Revenge of the Birds writer since 2018. (If you can survive the Wilks/Rosen year, you can survive anything.) He's been a Valley sports fan all his life and enjoys writing from a fan's perspective. But he's not afraid to take a deep dive into the numbers if needed as well. When he's not writing for RotB, John is a college professor and enjoys watching sports, playing fantasy sports, drinking craft beer, and hanging with his doggo.

#3 is the new #1: What will the Cardinals do with the third overall pick?

With the 2023 NFL draft just two weeks away, everyone is starting to turn their eyes to the Arizona Cardinals and what they will do with the #3 overall pick.

The worst of times: Is this the nadir of the Cardinals franchise in Arizona?

This is one of the most trying times to be a Cardinals fan this RotB writer can remember. But is it the lowest point for the franchise since they came to the desert? There are several other contenders.

What are the Cardinals biggest roster holes after free agency?

After a quiet beginning to the offseason (from a personnel standpoint), what are the biggest remaining holes on a Cardinals roster full of them?

Pulse check: Are the Arizona Cardinals alive this offseason?

It’s been a relatively quiet offseason thus far for the Cardinals from a free agent perspective. Is that cause for concern?

Should they stay or should they go?: Arizona Cardinals 2023 free agent tiers

Free agency starts next week. Which in-house free agents should the Cardinals bring back? Who should they let walk?

The Cardinals’ new coaching staff is long on promise but short on experience

Arizona’s coaching staff is seemingly nearly complete. Jonathan Gannon has lured several intriguing young names to the desert. But there’s no denying this staff is inexperienced. Will that be a problem for the team?

Uncertain yet excited: Yet another new era for the Arizona Cardinals

A third "new era" in five years has left this Revenge of the Birds writer feeling apprehensive yet hopeful, like the characters at the end of a certain Hollywood classic.

Arizona Cardinals head coaching search update: Anarumo or Kafka?

We’re one month into the Arizona Cardinals coaching search. It’s down to two candidates. Who will it be?

Arizona Cardinals head coaching search update: What do we do post-Payton?

Welp... we missed out on Sean Payton. (Predictably.) What do the Cardinals do next in their head coaching search?

Arizona Cardinals head coaching search update: What’s changed since last week?

Where does the Cardinals head coaching search stand after three weeks? Let’s check in with the candidates.