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ROTB Pick 3 vs Spread Competition Week 9

Cardinals trade QB Josh Dobbs to Vikings

With Kyler Murray on the verge of starting, Cardinals feel free to trade Josh Dobbs

Red Rain Podcast: Talking Trades and ARI/CLE Preview with SB Nation’s Barry Shuck

Barry and I agreed to terms on an ARI/CLE trade

Cardinals’ recent defensive improvements are highly encouraging

Credit JG, Nick Rallis, Buda Baker and Garrett Williams for bringing new hope and confidence to a struggling unit

Concerns about Drew Petzing’s passing offense

Kudos to Petzing for his prolific rushing game, but the passing game is a concern

Emari Demercado reminds me of an equally tough, patient, slightly faster Marcel Shipp

Kudos to Monit Ossenfort and Dave Sears for signing this undrafted, NFL ready Horned Frog

Center of attention for Kyler Murray

The key to Kyler’s success begins with developing a strong chemistry with his center

ROTB Survey: What areas have the Arizona Cardinals improved the most thus far in 2023?

What areas this year does the team need to improve the most?

ROTB Pick 3 vs Spread Competition Week 8

Red Rain Podcast: SEA 20 ARI 10 What Players Should the Cardinals Trade or Keep for 2024?

What current players would you trade before next Tuesday’s trading deadline?