Full Fledged Free Agency Could Start Tuesday


Coming from the mouth of Brees who is actually in the dealings makes me very excited about this little news bit.

Breaking News: Players to vote on CBA on Monday


Just a little fanshot so we can discuss this until someone posts the full details of the story. The CBA will be be voted on (and probably approved) by the players on Monday, then starting on Wednesday the players will start coming into the team facilities or training camps to vote on recertifying the Union. More details to come.

New ROTB Logo "Contest" - Revenge of the Birds


Only another week to get your submissions in. We have one good submission and would like a couple more to vote on, along with the original and current logo.

The Good Point - Schedule may spoil NFC West progress


An article written with the collaboration of writers from Field Gulls, Niners Nation, Turf Show Times and myself.

My Derek Anderson Jersey Card


I don't know if any of you guys are card collectors, but I just posted my favorite Derek Anderson jersey card on my blog and you guys might want to check it out. Let me know in the comments section if you have any Anderson cards, or any jersey cards for that matter. --Connor

Free Agents You Meet In Hell


An interesting article on what types of players to avoid signing in free agency.

Breaking News: Owners ratify settlement


The owners have done their part, now time for the players to vote. Should happen in about an hour. @AdamSchefter: Surprise, surprise: Owners ratified proposed new deal. Next....

Schefter: NFL could open facilities by Friday


Some good news. @AdamSchefter: NFL could open facilities as early as Friday so players can use them to discuss issue and sign union cards needed for recertification.