Saints release pro bowl right tackle Jon Stinchcomb.


Cardinals have to take a look at this guy, as a matter of due diligence at the least. Stinchcomb has started every game for the last 5 years for New Orleans. Don't know why he's been cut yet. Could be about the money. Here is an opportunity to improve the offensive line this season.

Madden 12 Cardinals Ratings


Here is our first look at how the Cardinals will be rated once Madden 12 comes out on August 30th. Now keep in mind these aren't the complete rosters, they basically use the rosters as they were right after the draft, but on the first day the game is out there will be an update that completes all of the transactions that have been made at that point. This is good because the Cardinals are the lowest rated team in the game at the time these rosters were completed. If you want to see some of the ratings for players that have come over from other teams such as Kevin Kolb (who is an 84 in the game) check the pages for the team they came from.

Cardinals Look To Make Corrections, Work More Into Kolb's Repertoire - SB Nation Arizona


Notes and quotes gathered at training camp in Flagstaff by SB Nation Arizona's Jose Romero.

Looks Like O'Brien Schofield Has A New Nickname


I love it! Let's see how long the mohawk sticks around...