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Film review

All Or Nothing Episode Five Review

The Cardinals play in their Hat & T-Shirt game, and suffer setbacks.

Breaking down the Palmer to Brown TD vs Saints

The play showed a lot of good things from a lot of players involved.

Cardinals Film Study: Palmer at his best vs Eagles

There is a reason Carson Palmer was once the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Now in his 11th season and with his third team, Palmer showed in one play on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles why he was a No. 1 pick.

Cards rookie Bucannon shows off strength vs. WAS

Rookie first-round pick Deone Bucannon is a hard-hitting safety. He showed against Washington just how powerful he is.

Kickers race coming to a close, and other notes

Several key battles entered the second game of the season, and most have a clear cut leader.

Everyone wins with Bridgewater comeback score!

The strange play would have benefited the team nothing.

ROTB Roundtable

Read and respond to three questions surrounding the team.

PFF ranks Cards defense 21st, offense 29th

That seems a little low for this team... and im pissed

Cardinals Week 2 what to watch

Even with the success in Week 1 of the preseason, there is still plenty for the Cardinals to improve on in Week 2. Here's what to watch.

Thomas shines in debut for Cardinals

What did he do well in his first game? Almost everything.

Put down the Kool-Aid!

Kool-Aid is a registered trademark of Kraft Foods Inc. and is in no way affiliated with Revenge of the Birds, SBNation or the Arizona Cardinals. It is, however, a funny line that Kraft probably goes with because its free advertising.

Offensive/defensive formations in game vs. Texans

A look at what personnel groups were used.

Cardinals 2014 Draft class first game reviews

What did the Cardinals 2014 draft class do in their first opportunity on the field?

Position battle update after 32-0 Cards win

The Cardinals are holding several positional battles this year. How do they stand after the team's first preseason game?

What to watch on defense Saturday for the Cards

With so many moving parts on defense, there is a lot we can learn on Saturday.

ROTB Roundtable

Read and respond to three questions surrounding the Cardinals, and football in general.

Carson Palmer by the numbers

PFF broke down Palmer and every other QB in the NFL. Jess Root brought you the numbers, now we have our summary of what it means. Take a look.

Rice suspension may not be good for Washington

The public isn't happy with the slap on the wrist Ray Rice received, and Daryl Washington is next on the docket to be punished for domestic violence. Will he suffer for it?

What will it take to win the NFC West

We look at what the Cardinals have to do to win the NFL toughest division and how the Cardinals can do it.

ROTB Roundtable

Read and respond to three questions concerning the Cardinals.

Cardinals should improve in TE coverage in 2014

The addition of Antonio Cromartie should shore some issues up.

What were the Cards' rushing numbers on 1st down?

We break it down.

Do the Cardinals kick the tires on Pat Angerer?

Unless you completely ignored the NFL this offseason, you by now know that Karlos Dansby left Arizona to sign with Cleveland, and that Daryl Washington was served a full season ban for violating the NFL's drug policy.

Larry Fitzgerald: How Can We Keep Him

We look at the contract situation of the most important cardinal in 25 years, and how exactly we can keep the face of the franchise.

Who was worse, Paul Fanaika or Adam Snyder?

The numbers might surprise you.

Will Ellington have to pass protect more in 2014?

The dynamic back was not asked to do it much.

Horton vs Bowles: ILB blitzes

Just another look at how the two coordinators compare.

Bowles vs. Horton: DB blitzers

We look at how the two DCs handled their DBs for pressure differently.

Cards WRs need to be Arians' best group in 2014

We know the names and the players, but can it match up with some of Arians past units?

25 yrs after Rosenbach and what would have been

The pick didn't end up working out, but revising history probably doesn't change much Cardinals fortune.

OLBs in coverage: Bowles vs. Horton

How did the two coordinators differ in their use of their edge players?

Palmer vs. 4, more DBs

Just another look into Palmer's numbers in 2013.

Palmer's stats broken down by dropback type

More numbers on Palmer.

ROTB Roundtable

Read and respond to three questions surrounding the Cardinals.

Palmer and his pass distribution numbers

How do Palmer's number break down by the players he throws the ball to?

Carson Palmer and play action

We continue breaking down numbers for the Cardinals starting QB.