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Countdown to the season

72 day till the season and Cards jersey No. 72

The countdown continues.

73 days till the season: What about jersey No. 73?

Who has worn it well?

74 days till the season and a look at No. 74

A rookie has it!

75 days till the season: A focus on No. 75

Oh, this number.

76 days to the season and Cards No. 76

It has mostly been an uneventful number.

77 days to the season and remembering No. 77

The countdown continues.

2015 countdown: 78 days until the season begins!

We look at some players who have worn No. 78.

79 days to kickoff! The countdown continues

We look at a player (or two) in history.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 80 days 'til kickoff

Eighty days remain until the kickoff to the 2015 regular season for the Arizona Cardinals and a great day to remember those players that have worn jersey No. 80 for the Big Red.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 81 days 'til kickoff

Today's No. 81 must surely be the number that more Cardinal greats have worn than any other. Find out what we mean and then good luck when it comes time to vote — you'll need it.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 82 days 'til kickoff

Today's number hasn't exactly been kind to the Cardinals in their history — in the case of eligible receivers that is. Amazingly, defensive ends and long-snappers have fared better wearing No. 82.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 83 days 'til kickoff

The kickoff to the regular season gets a day closer as we salute the player that has owned No. 83 for the Cardinals. He never played in Arizona, but desert dwellers would have loved today's featured player.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 84 days 'til kickoff

Many choices today in our poll of who wore No. 84 best for the Cardinals over the years. One just happened to play on the most aggressive defense you've ever seen that threw 3 consecutive shutouts!

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 85 days 'til kickoff

One of the most explosive players of all time wore today's jersey number as did a couple of unexpected names. We're one day closer to kickoff as we watch the best-ever celebration by a 'Cardinal' wearing No. 85!

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 86 days 'til kickoff

We check off another jersey number today as we check out the players that wore No. 86 — a couple of good ones too. Come watch one of the Cardiac Cards' biggest comebacks ever!

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 87 days 'til kickoff

Another day closer to kickoff and another great play to watch today as we salute those who have worn No. 87 for the Cardinals and then vote for who wore it best.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 88 days 'til kickoff

Not your normal day in Cardinals Jersey Countdown when we pay tribute to a retired jersey number. Only four players have ever worn No. 88 for the Big Red and two were very special.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 89 days 'til kickoff

We're out of the 90's now (jersey numbers that is) and it's a whole new ball game with many more players. Let's start out by watching the biggest play ever for a Cardinal wearing No. 89.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 90 days 'til kickoff

Only 90 days remain until the kickoff to the 2015 season and the last of the 90's jersey numbers today. And it turns out that maybe it was really the Cardinals who first deflated footballs.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 91 days 'til kickoff

We're nearly through the players who have worn jerseys numbered in the 90's and we're also another day closer to the kickoff to the regular season as we salute today's No. 91.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 92 days 'til kickoff

Only half a dozen players have worn No. 92 for the Big Red and a player switching numbers this season will make it a lucky seven. Who's the best so far and who's switching jersey numbers?

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 93 days 'til kickoff

A day closer to kickoff as we take a look at those who have worn jersey No. 93 for the Cardinals. Turns out there are some very good players that have adorned the BIG NINE-THREE.

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 94 days 'til kickoff

One day closer to the season as we look back at those players who have worn jersey No. 94 for the Cardinals before we vote on our favorite from a list of great names

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 95 days 'til kickoff

Many players that have worn today's jersey were here and gone. With 95 days left 'til kickoff, let's see how many of these guys you remember that wore No. 95. Good luck!

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 96 days 'til kickoff

Another jersey off the wall as we look back at who wore No. 96 for the Cardinals. Check out the history of the jersey then vote on who wore it best. Could it be a defensive player?

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 97 days 'til kickoff

With 97 days remaining until the kickoff to the season, let's take a look at who's worn No. 97 for the Cardinals then vote for your favorite

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 98 days 'til kickoff

A day closer to kickoff as we salute players who have worn jersey No. 98 for the Cardinals. Who wore it best? Could it be a first-round draft choice who never played college ball?

Cardinals Jersey Countdown: 99 days 'til kickoff

It's time once again for our countdown to the regular season and start by honoring jersey No. 99. Who wore it and why is it no longer used by the Cardinals?