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NFL week 16, picks against the spread: Broncos on fire, Patriots in a trap game?

Wanting to lay down some money on your favorite team? Check out these picks against the spread for Sunday's NFL games in week 16.

Otto Greule Jr

Week 16 is already here and the trap game is officially something that bettors around the nation need to keep a careful eye on. Surprise teams that have nothing to play for (such as the Arizona Cardinals) can pop up and beat a team (such as the Bears) that is trying to get in the playoffs or solidify their position within the postseason.

So with that in mind, here are your picks against the spread. I am doing all of the games, so not much detail will be provided. You are just gonna have to roll with me, guys. All of these spreads come courtesy of Bovada.

Tennessee Titans +13 vs. Green Bay Packers

Did you see the game last Monday night between the Titans and Jets?

Pick: Packers

Oakland Raiders +9 vs. Carolina Panthers

Neither of these teams are good. Go with the team that has the more experienced QB and the points on their side.

Pick: Raiders

Buffalo Bills + 4 1/2 vs. Miami Dolphins

Reggie Bush is playing quite well as of late and Ryan Tannehill is finding his way.

Pick: Dolphins

Cincinnati Bengals +3 1/2 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers have major issues at RB to deal with and will be without Ike Taylor. A.J. Green will have a big day.

Pick: Bengals

New England Patriots -14 1/2 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Patriots don't have Gronkowski again and this is the definition of a trap game. Too many points for a road game.

Pick: Jaguars

Indianapolis Colts -7 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are awful. Period. Andrew Luck is going to take the Colts to the playoffs a year after picking him #1 overall.

Pick: Colts

New Orleans Saints +3 vs. Dallas Cowboys

It's December. Expect Tony Romo and Co. to fall on their faces and let RG3's Redskins or the Giants get to the playoffs.

Pick: Saints

Washington Redskins -7 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

RG3 = playoff bound.

Pick: Redskins

St. Louis Rams +3 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa has to get back on track. Doug Martin could have a huge day after being relatively quiet lately.

Pick: Bucs

Minnesota Vikings +9 vs. Houston Texans

The Texans should dominate this game by getting pressure on young QB Christian Ponder.

Pick: Texans

San Diego Chargers +3 vs. New York Jets

This is a game of epic disaster. For some reason, I think Greg McElroy will play well in his first NFL start.

Pick: Jets

Cleveland Browns +12 vs. Denver Broncos

The Broncos may be the team to beat in the AFC. Peyton Manning is on fire and won't let his team get lazy.

Pick: Broncos

New York Giants -3 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Both of these teams have shown that they can either be great or let people down. Still, I trust Eli Manning more than Joe Flacco.

Pick: Giants

Chicago Bears -6 1/2 vs. Arizona Cardinals

Honestly, I don't know how the Cards beat the Lions. This could easily be a blowout against rookie QB Ryan Lindley.

Pick: Bears

San Francisco 49ers +1 vs. Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers will show that they are the best not only in the NFC West, but maybe even the NFL. Always scary to pick against the Seahawks at home, though.

Pick: 49ers

Happy hunting!

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