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Revenge of the Birds Community Guidelines

There are very few "rules" on ROTB. ROTB is intended to feel primarily democratic, and most of the "unwritten rules" come by way of self-government by the community through Recommended Fanposts, positive and negative feedback, peer influence, etc. The few official Community Guidelines exist for a singular purpose: they exist to help make ROTB a place that is safe and enjoyable for the entire community.

Speech on ROTB

We here at ROTB believe in responsible speech. We believe strongly in celebrating a diversity of people, and of ideas, on the site. Users are, in general, free to express their opinions without fear of retribution. The diversity of personalities, beliefs, and styles is appreciated as being part of what makes ROTB strong.

However, ROTB is a community, and responsible speech does not mean "the right to say what you want, when you want, how you want," without being sensitive to, and respectful towards, the community as a whole.

Here are some guideline as to what we mean by "responsible speech":

  • We are a community that does not use strong language. No excessive profanity, especially the hard stuff. Occasionally using damn, hell, or similar is OK, outside of that, don't do it. We want people to focus on the content of what we say and draw attention away from that with the words we use. The exception to this are game day threads, as the content of these lends itself to immediate reaction and emotions.
  • Personal attacks on community members are not permitted, directly or through sarcasm/belittling, e.g., "You're an idiot," "You don't know what you're talking about, dumbass," "Apparently, you've never seen a football game, or you'd know...", "My dog knows more about football than you do," etc.
  • No comments that are intolerant or prejudiced (sexist, racist, homophobic, etc.) in nature, e.g., "Why don't you go play with your dolls?", "The Card's shouldn't sign black players," "Doesn't Matt Hasselback look like a fag?", etc.
  • No comments that bring politics into ROTB (which is a non-political blog), e.g., "Bush/Clinton ruined this country by...", "Check out this link about the war in Iraq," etc. And just so that all ROTBers are clear, ROTB does accept political advertising as long as it is not offensive in any way, shape or form, but we subscribe to the belief that advertising and editorial are separate. So there will occasionally be political ads that run. Just like any other media outlet, just because a political ad runs, it doesn't mean we endorse or support whatever cause it happens to be.
  • Relentless negativity will not be tolerated. What constitutes "relentless negativity"? It's simple: simply posting the Card's suck 100 percent of the time without reasoning or proposing solutions. There is nothing helpful about someone who constantly says that their team "sucks" and complains. We're all fans and we all get frustrated when the team doesn't perform or has bad luck, but regurgitating the same venom over and over again doesn't help anything or anyone. ROTB is aiming to be better than that. If you continue to do nothing but post negativity, you may lose posting privileges without warning. There's a difference between someone who aims to point out flaws and be constructive and someone who is destructive. 10 Fanposts, or 10 comments, in a row about how the Card's stink with no reasoning or proposals is basically trolling and that's how it will be treated. The goal is to make this community fun for everyone.
  • What will happen to those who are 'irresponsible' on ROTB?

    When it comes to violations of the Community Guidelines, ROTB works primarily on a case-by-case basis. On a normal or small offense, offenders will be contacted in the thread and warned, as well as reminded of the guidelines. Repeat offenses will be handed as necessary and punishments can range from further warnings to a permanent ban (or anything in between). Offensive comments, fanposts or fanshots can and will be deleted on the same case by case basis.

    Moderators hide comments in question and then brings up the comment in question to the moderator group. The group decides what action will be taken and the "head coach" of the site will act on it, whether it be reinstate the comment, delete it, warn the member or ban the member. Any issues should be directed to the "head coach" regarding decisions made in moderating.

    Procedure For Lodging An Official Complaint

    If you believe a user has violated the Community Guidelines and you wish to bring it to ROTB's moderators for review, flag the offending comment, choosing "inappropriate" from the drop-down menu selections, and include a note about why you feel the comment violates our guidelines.

    Complaints are evaluated, and any appropriate follow-up action taken, internally. The user who made the complaint should not expect any reply unless the moderators have specific questions.


    The only Community Guidelines for Fanposts are:

    • A Fanpost must be a minimum of 75 words or it is considered to be unsubstantial and is deleted as a violation of the Community Guidelines.
    • A Fanpost must in some way belong on ROTB -- in other words, it must relate to the Cards, or to football, or to ROTB, or to an existing thread or Fanpost, etc.
    • A Fanpost must have some "take" on a topic related to what was said above.

    Tips on writing good Fanposts:

    Some of the qualities that the most popular Fanposts often have in common are:

    • They expand upon the main idea with supporting examples, or statistical data, or a link to a relevant article, or a "thinking question" for others to consider, etc.--something beyond just the main idea itself.
    • They explore a topic, idea, or question that has not been explored recently, or at all, on ROTB.

    Keep in mind that if your Fanpost contains only one point or idea that is not developed, expanded on, or supported with arguments or data, it is really not a Fanpost--it is a comment that should be posted in an existing thread or Fanpost.

    General Disclaimer: What is written above are guidelines that help to explain the policies, procedures, and processes ROTB generally uses. It is entirely at our discretion how to interpret and implement these guidelines, which are subject to change at any time.