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Week 4 NFC West update and opinions

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With Week 4 in the books we take a look around the NFC West and give our opinions.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

What a wild week. Who would have expected the Rams to beat the Seahawks. I knew it was going to be hard fought, but I felt like Seattle would pull it out. The Niners won big against the Jets putting up 34 and holding the Jets to no score. And then we come to Arizona... I think they got cocky today. Hopefully their near loss bring them down to earth and we don't look past the Rams.

Here are the updated NFC West standings,

Arizona Cardinals 4-0 (1-0)
San Francisco 49ers 3-1 (0-0)
St. Louis Rams 2-2 (1-0)
Seattle Seahawks 2-2 (0-2)

Many Niners fans over at Ninersnation, were talking about how Arizona didn't deserve to win this game. I agree we had no place winning it late, but we found away and we won. They thought they would take 1st place in the NFC West, but luckily there were some sensible fans who knew that Arizona owns the tie breaker in the West over the Niners because of their divisional win.

Seattle fans are acting similar to a few Cardinal fans on our Open Thread, in which they are asking for Wilson to be benched and let Flynn take the reigns of their offense. I don't see it happening till they string several losses in a row.

Rams are riding high after beating the Seahawks. They are carrying nice momentum into their Thursday night match up against the Cardinals. Tough game for both teams, for sure.