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Cardinals Vs. Bills: The bonehead play of the game [poll]

What was the play that messed things up most?

Norm Hall - Getty Images

Following each loss the bonehead poll seems be easier to write because of all of the mistakes noted throughout the game, but tougher to write because it dawns on me the number of times I end up writing about the same bonehead plays from week to week. This loss is no exception. Following the contest against the Bills the Cardinals will have to have a short memory, wish for a speedy recovery for Kevin Kolb, and continue the search for the scheme that will work on offense with the personnel who are available. I think they're close, but the play calling has not been fully adjusted to consistently play to the teams strengths rather than highlight their weaknesses.

Below are four bonehead plays for you to consider, which had the biggest impact to the team?

1) Kevin Kolb's safety. Kevin Kolb started the Cardinals second possession with his heels against the goal line, and if history has taught us anything about Kevin Kolb or John Skelton in those situations it's that it's probably going to be a safety. Which playing behind the offensive line the odds for a safety go up sharply, and as the pocket collapsed Kolb had precious few moments to throw the ball away but due to the pressure he held the ball and took a safety.

2) Andre Roberts not catching the deep ball. Two weeks in a row Roberts is open on the deep ball and has some miscommunication or is not looking in the right spot for the ball. To his credit the ball was slightly over thrown, but still a very catchable ball with Roberts speed and hands. This one was a major mark against Roberts.

3) Skelton Interception. John Skelton takes mental reps on the sidelines and has the benefit of the coaching staff and after play print outs to review what went wrong with a play, especially after an interception. When calling the same play later during the Overtime drive Skelton stares down his target and throws an inaccurate pass to Buffalo Bills Free Safety Jairus Byrd who intercepts the pass and sets up the game winning kick for Buffalo.

4) FB Reagan Maui'a spiking the ball and causing a penalty causing a drive to stall. Momentum, momentum, momentum. Maui'a made a heck of a play, and was clearly fired up, but he was selfish and spiked the ball hurting his team in a way that may be one of the most noticeable nails in the coffin (for the loss). I think it caused the team to lose momentum, let the Bill's defense get a chance to regroup, and ultimately caused the team to go into OT (and lose) rather than score a TD on that drive.


1) Ref's blind to offensive holding on the Bill's second possession. There were three blatant Bills holds in the three plays leading up to the C.J. Spiller touchdown run. Two clearly in view of the officials, the third could have been hard to see due to the angle. Terrible job not calling those holds.