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How did Patrick Peterson fare against Calvin Johnson?

The receiver had 10 catches for 121 yards on the game.


Most certainly the biggest matchup between the Detroit Lions and Arizona Cardinals was the battle between Patrick Peterson and Calvin Johnson. Johnson had his numbers -- 10 catches for 121 yards, but he did not score. Peterson was assigned to him most of the time, but the Lions moved Johnson around from time to time, so sometimes he was covered by others.

How did Peterson do? Not bad. Peterson said after the game, "I thought I measured up."

At the game, I didn't keep track, but I thought that there were probably five or six catches that Johnson had with Peterson on him.

Pro Football Focus says that Peterson gave up eight catches and 101 to Johnson, which would be the first time this year anyone got over 100 on him. When I looked at the film (All-22 is not out yet for this week), I had Peterson giving up 89 yards on seven catches. I had him targeted another four times, one Peterson picked off and another he batted away.

54 yards came on two catches. One was a 30-yarder in the fourth quarter where Johnson got separation and Matthew Stafford made a beautiful throw. The other was a 24-yarder that should have only been about six yards. Peterson missed a tackle.

Peterson also picked off a pass when he forced Johnson to stay inside and then Stafford threw it outside. He also batted away the first throw the Lions attempted to get to Johnson.

Additionally, on two negated plays, Peterson was flagged for defensive holding and on another the throw was in complete.

What did you think of the matchup?