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NFL power rankings, week 12: Texans unanimously at top, almost the same with Chiefs at bottom

We take a quick look at a collection of week 12 NFL power rankings and decide which ones are the most accurate.

Peter Aiken

Another week, another set of power rankings.

Every major news outlet around the web released their weekly version of the power rankings this week, including our very own Cardinals blog, Revenge of the Birds. Every outlet except for the CBS Sports one had the Kansas City Chiefs at the bottom of their list. Although, CBS' selection of the Jaguars was by no means a bad one, either.

SB Nation Arizona has a pretty good set, noting the sharp decline of the Chicago Bears in recent weeks. I would personally have the Saints a bit higher on my rankings, but to each his own. I have a feeling that by the end of the season, they will be near the top.

The SB Nation national site's rankings look eerily similar to SB Nation Arizona's. One of the big differences was that the 49ers and Falcons were flip flopped, placing San Francisco at 3 and the Falcons at 2. I personally believe that if the two teams played each other, the 49ers would blow them out.

Lastly, ESPN did their weekly power rankings as well. I found these to be the most accurate (subjective, I know) of all of them. I love that they have the Packers that high on the list, as I think they are silently creeping their way back to a Super Bowl once again. The only thing I would change is to drop the Bears a bit and place the Saints higher.

As for the Arizona Cardinals, they fell somewhere around the mid-20's in all of the rankings. Each one of them gave a justifiable reason for placing them where they did. I think Revenge of the Birds nailed it best in saying that none of the teams below them could beat the Cardinals. We will find out with the Rams this Sunday and the Jets later this season.

What do you make of all these power rankings? Which do you see as being the most accurate? Tell us in the comments section below.

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