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NFL week 14, power rankings: Texans still highly regarded, Cardinals continue free fall

The week 14 power rankings are out from around the web and all feature a slight change to the San Francisco 49ers' standing after losing to the Rams.

Thomas B. Shea

One way that Arizona Cardinals fans are able to cheer themselves up during these most desperate of times is to take a look at power rankings around the web, hoping that maybe just one of them will have something nice to say about the Cards. Well, that really isn't the case this week. Week 14 featured one of Arizona's worst losses yet.

The good news is, the 49ers lost as well. The Rams managed to pull out an overtime victory against them, opting not to go for the tie this time. That means that the Texans are undeniably the top team now, as all of the major outlets have them as the #1 seed.

CBS' Pete Prisco notes that the defense of the Texans is back on track, but a matchup against the Patriots next week will be a big test for them.

The Falcons managed to grab the #2 seed on every site except for our very own. ROTB's GreaZzy still has the 49ers at #2 for some reason, despite their loss to the Rams. Obviously we know where his allegiances lie at this point...

SB Nation wonders if Ken Whisenhunt will have a job next season should the Cardinals go on to lose the rest of their games (hint: they probably will).

SB Nation Arizona, the more Phoenician-friendly site, still put the Cards at #26 saying that Ryan Lindley played about as bad as a quarterback truly can.

Lastly, ESPN shares the fun depressing fact that the Cards are on their longest losing streak (8 games) since the 2006 season. Yay!

What do you make of all these rankings? Which one seems to be the most accurate? How badly do you want to yell at GreaZzy for suddenly becoming a 49ers fan? Tell us in the comments section below.

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