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ROTB Roundtable: O-line, Kolb, and Game Positives

It's been a rough few days following that Thursday Night debacle.

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And with the loss, comes many questions. Here are the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of those trending questions.

1) The Offensive Line's play has been criticized greatly by the media and Cardinals fans alike. Do you have any solutions for this problem?

Tyler Nickel: For this season, no. Russ Grimm absolutely needs to go after this season, regardless of how the Cards do. That guy couldn't coach a younger version of himself.

Alex Mann: Hahaha. There is no solution to the problem. They just need to focus on the basics, and the coaches need to ensure that they don't force Kolb to throw the ball 50 times a game.

Jesse Reynolds: This is the million dollar question. I believe we are stuck. Hopefully the first three games end up begin the norm and not the exception because who else is there?

Jess Root: They need to get a lead. If they are ahead, they can have balance offensively and they won't give up as many sacks.

2) Cardinals fans seem to be divided on whether Kolb had a good, or bad performance against the Rams. Where do you stand on this?

Tyler Nickel: He was average, but I was very impressed by his durability and willingness to stay in the game. No longer can we question his motivation.

Alex Mann: Well I'm known as a Kolb knobber, so I'll stand along side him like I have the entire time. He threw the ball 50 times, lead one drive that wound up in 3 points. I mean when a QB is beaten so much, they can't exactly make spot on throws. The clock speeds up and it's up to the receivers to adjust to that clock which I think Fitz did a few times, and Roberts did as well.

Jesse Reynolds: He was sacked nine times, hard to say he had a bad game when the majority of it he was running for his life. No run game, no pass protection, name me a QB who would have had a good game there.

Randy Fields: Kolb had a not-so-good performance. I think that's because of the constant pressure, hits, and sacks that were given up. I still think he's the starter, but he overthrew a few too many open receivers. I will agree with Coach Whisenhunt that it's the receivers job to reel in a ball if it hits their hands, but Kolb didn't give them very much help other than getting it within catching distance. The pass that slid through Doucet's hands when he was open just haunts me after that game.

Jess Root: The performance overall was neither good nor bad. He missed some throws, but he showed some killer toughness. He did as well as you would expect someone who got sacked nine times.

3) In a game full of so many negatives, what is one thing you can think of that the Cardinals did right?

Tyler Nickel: Umm... The Cardinals lost their first game of the season. They are 4-1, which is still really good. That's a positive.

Alex Mann: Hmm.. Well they scored... That's good right? The way we played you would think we put up 0 points, but we opened the game with a 9 minute drive that put up three, a missed throw, and a missed catch are what were the difference makers there.

Jesse Reynolds: They started the season 4-0 giving them some cushion.

Randy Fields: The Defense played 60 minutes of football and kept the Cardinals in the game until the end. The Defense kept Sam Bradford to 7-of-21 passes, which is sadly less than the number of sacks the Rams were able to rack up against the Cardinals. A bitter-sweet fact. Go Defense!

Randy Fields: I'd get creative with the personnel groups. Use the back up linemen as TEs and extra back field defenders, and force the issue of establishing a run game. It seems like most of the pressure is being given up on the outside, so lining up two players in the shotgun around Kolb will give him the protection where he needs it most. If you put Housler in the back field he can chip block and then run into space as the checkdown. The other thing is just using more two TE sets to give more help to Batiste and Massie. It worked for a struggling Mike Gandy and Levi Brown in sets during the 2008 and 2009 seasons. I don't know why they're not going to that now.

Jess Root: They did hold Sam Bradford to 7/21 throwing the ball. Aside from a couple of plays, the defense really did pretty well.