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ROTB Roundtable: Ryan Lindley, Last Stretch, and Bye Week Improvements

Coming out of the bye week with a record of 4-5, the Cardinals have a lot of questions to answer.


The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of those pressing questions.

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1) As Jess noted in an article recently, Ryan Lindley has been receiving some snaps with the 1st team offense. Do you think this is the right decision by Coach Whiz?

Jesse Reynolds: I do not at all. It's documented that I am not the biggest Skelton fan, but Skelton isn't our biggest issue with the offense... What will Lindley do that Skelton can't behind such a porous line? They both struggle with accuracy and have trouble reading the field. The only thing I can think of is that Whisenhunt is preparing for potential Skelton injury because of how bad our line is.

Jess Root: Well, when you have the bye and you are not game planning for an opponent, it is exactly what you should do. It gives the team a chance to see what they have.

Alex Mann: Yes. He's the only guy behind Skelton and thus means he can be called up in an instant. He needs to build up his repertoire with the starters.

Tyler Nickel: I really don't see the point in it. There is no way that Lindley should see a snap this season unless there are injuries. Let Skelton, who needs work himself, get all the snaps he can with the first team offense.

2) What will you be keeping an eye on, going into the last stretch of the season?

Jesse Reynolds: The fire that is being built under the coaches seats.

Jess Root: Can the defense hold up? Can Beanie Wells make a difference? Will the team get healthier and can they plain turn things around and stop leaving plays on the field.

Alex Mann: How the O-line holds up with two rookie Tackles now starting. I like how Potter played against Green Bay, but that was one game and now we get to see how he plays for the long term.

Tyler Nickel: The offensive line. None have been made. No surprise.

3) What improvements do you expect the Cardinals to have made, coming out of the bye week?

Jesse Reynolds: I'm not sure what they can do. If Potter turns out to be the steal of the draft we have a chance but no RBs, a inaccurate QB constantly under pressure and a D that spends waaay to much time on the field are problems that cannot easily be overcome. If our coaches were good enough to fix those problems they wouldn't be problems in the first place.

Jess Root: I expect better offensive execution, better protection for Skelton. The defense needs to step up as well.

Alex Mann: Growth. The O-Line now had a week to rest from their struggles meaning Massie hopefully has made some mental strides. Floyd has grown from the start of the year meaning he seems ready. As long as players grew over the Bye Week, I'm happy. (well I have to add Miler too... Hopefully his play-calling abilities grew from Childish to Godlike)

Tyler Nickel: The offensive line. None have been made. No surprise.

The offensive line. None have been made. No surprise.