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ROTB Roundtable: Starting QB, Hot Seat, and Defensive Rank

With their 6th straight loss, the Arizona Cardinals sure do have a lot of unanswered questions.

Scott Cunningham

The ROTB Writing Staff took their shot at answering three of these questions. Don't forget to answer them yourself in the comments below!

1) With yet another disastrous performance by the Cardinals QB's against the Falcons, who do you think will end up getting the call to start against the Rams?

(Note): Although Lindley has been announced as the starter, let's see who's prediction was right.

Jess Root: I think it will be Skelton, but that will depend on practice this week. LIndley didn't do enough to show that he is ready to start, so expect Skelton with a short leash again.

Tyler Nickel: I think Lindley gets the starting nod against the Rams and for every game hereafter until Kolb returns. The team knows what they have in Skelton and they know it isn't very good. May as well give the rookie a shot considering they aren't going to make the playoffs anyhow.

Alex Mann: I was already leaning towards Lindley prior to Whisenhunts decision. Skelton has shown us promise but whether it was the lockout, or sitting behind Kolb, or suffering an injury he hasn't been able to continue his progression. Until Kolb is ready I think with us sitting at 4-6 Lindley is our dude.

2) The loss on Sunday marked the third straight season where the Cardinals have had a 6 game losing streak. Do you think it is time to put Coach Whisenhunt on the hot seat?

Jess Root: Whiz' seat should be warm, but next year is the key. The organization is not going to fire him with a year left on his deal and many of the assistants as well.

Tyler Nickel: Yes, I really do. 3 straight seasons with 6+ game losing streaks? It may be time to go to a new era, but I think they still give him next season to try and figure things out.

Alex Mann: Yes. Although I don't think it will be to warm, unless we lose out this year, or suffer a sub 7-9 record.

3) Where would you rank the Cardinals defense among the rest of the league?

Jess Root: The defense is definitely top 10. But it isn't elite. It is very good and can play at an elite status, but more consistency is needed for that.

Tyler Nickel: This defense can often be hot and cold. They played tremendously on Sunday, looking like a top five unit. But other times they stumble and look highly vulnerable. I'm not sure what to make of them, but I know if they cut out the little mistakes, they could easily be top five.

Alex Mann: Oh definitely Top 5. They don't stop opposition like the Bears and Texans do typically, but if they had an Offense that was somewhat productive then they could shut down any offense.