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ROTB Roundtable: Starting QB, Beanie Wells, and #1 WR

It took nine weeks, but the win column finally moved up.


And as thrilled as everyone is about the win against Detroit last Sunday, there are still many questions left unanswered. Luckily, the ROTB Writing Staff decided to take their shot at answer three of them.

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1) Who do you think should get the start against the Bears?

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, I'd like to see what Hoyer has. Lindley never should have played this season and Skelton is, well, him.. Why not give Hoyer a shot to see what he has for future purposes?

Alex Mann: Hoyer. We've seen what Lindley and Skelton can do, so it's time to evaluate Hoyer. He should be ready this week so give him the keys with maybe a few restrictions but let him rip role with it.

Jess Root: Well, Lindley showed improvement. That is what the team is looking at -- if he makes strides. So he has to be the guy.

2) Is Beanie Wells a player worth keeping for the future, or someone who's time has run up?

Tyler Nickel: I am pretty much over Beanie Wells. He's rarely on the field anymore and even when he is, he's no more effective than William Powell or any other back. Sure, he runs behind a bad offensive line, but I just don't see him as a big prospect the Cardinals can continue to wait on anymore.

Alex Mann: I say keep him. He's a great red zone running back who cannot be an all time back. He nor Williams can be it. So Draft a guy who has been an all down back in college with very little injuries and let Wells be our red zone back.

Jess Root: Well, since the team doesn't have a replacement for him yet and he is still on his rookie deal, makes sense to keep him around. He has been a bust considering the expectations, but defenses still approach the Cardinals' offense differently when he is in the game.

3) With Calvin Johnson becoming the first player in NFL history to surpass the 1,600 yard mark in two consecutive seasons, do you think he is the best WR in the NFL? If not, who is?

Tyler Nickel: That is a really hard thing to gauge given the quarterbacks throwing Larry Fitzgerald the ball. That may be biased, but I truly believe he could still honestly be the best with a half decent QB. But for now, yes, I guess Calvin is the best.

Alex Mann: I think it's unfair to judge whether Johnson or Fitzgerald is the best Receiver. Throughout his career Fitzgerald had the likes of Boldin and Breaston who would also get catches, and also top 1000 yards. Fitzgerald came withing 400 yards of Rices record 3 times, with Boldin here for two of those years. In the end it's the career numbers, and the superbowls they won, that will define each players career.

Jess Root: Can you really argue that he isn't? It is clear that he is. Fitz is up there, but with the QB problems and the fact that he has not been as good this year either makes it clear -- Megatron is the best.