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Quick reactions from the Cardinals' 7-6 loss

The Cardinals managed to score just six points on the way to their eighth straight loss.


Besides the fact that that may have been the most boring game I have ever watched, it also might have been the ugliest offensive output I have witnessed as well. Both Ryan Lindley and Mark Sanchez were absolutely awful with the former getting replaced in the second half by second year QB Greg McElroy. At this point, I am sure Ken Whisenhunt is praying that Kevin Kolb will be able to go next weekend.

Aside from the terrible quarterback play, the Cardinals couldn't seem to run the ball either. Beanie Wells looked not just poor, but confused on the field. He was hitting the wrong holes at the wrong time and was unable to get any yardage whatsoever. I was surprised William Powell did not get more touches, along with LaRod Stephens-Howling, who only had one. Once Wells was unable to convert 3rd and 4th down from short yardage in Jets territory, I knew this was going to be a long, long game.

The offensive line actually didn't look as awful in pass protection today. They managed to give Lindley time, who could be seen holding the ball for far too long on some plays. As for the run game, they did not get any push, but much of that is the product of Wells' poor running.

The defense played well for the Cards, fortunately. Kerry Rhodes was lights out from the safety position, recording two interceptions on Mark Sanchez and an additional forced fumble. He was intent on showing Rex Ryan that he made a mistake in cutting him. Patrick Peterson also made one of the year's most memorable picks off the shoulder of Jeff Cumberland.

Perhaps the most telling stat of the day was that the Cards were 0/15 on third down conversions. Six points is not going to beat a lot of teams, regardless of how dominant your defense is. Another huge day for the defense in which they forced 4 turnovers and the offense failed to do anything with them. It's very difficult to put into words just how bad the Cards were, yet here we are.

This team certainly has plenty of explaining to do before they get ready for next week.

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