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ROTB Roundtable: Finale Goal, Schedule Difficulty, and Superbowl Predictions

It's been a long and disappointing season for the Arizona Cardinals.

Christian Petersen

Luckily, we have the ROTB Writing Staff to tackle three of the many, many, MANY pressing questions facing the franchise.

1) What should the Cardinals be playing for, going into the final week?

Tyler Nickel: Draft positioning.

Jess Root: The Cardinals first and foremost should be playing to win. Players have multiple reasons to play hard -- winning, auditions for a job here or elsewhere, contract incentives, whatever.

Randy Fields: Start Hoyer, let it be a dress rehearsal to see what he has and if he's worth keeping on the roster next year. They need to see how bad the QB situation is in AZ and if it truly deserves a royal flush!

Alex Mann: Evaluating talent, but playing for the spoiler. There's a lot of talent on the roster and it's time we find it.

2) Looking at the Cardinals 2013 schedule, how difficult do you think the Cardinals have it next year?

Tyler Nickel: Probably about the same as this season. It will come down to who their QB is.

Jess Root: The schedule overall is reasonable. They have some very tough home games, but the road schedule is not bad at all. But before we look at how good or bad the schedule is, we have to look at what the team is going to look like, because it became one of the worst, and the team that everyone looks at their schedule and says "we're going to win that one."

Randy Fields: It's a pretty tough schedule going up against the NFC South and AFC South, both of which are filled with playoff bound teams. The draft and free agency period is going to be key, and if they can clean house in a good way it is feasible they could end up like the 2012 Colts who are back in competition.

Alex Mann: This will depend on who is coaching. We've seen HC's change their teams around quickly, and we've seen those take a year to rebuild.

3) Who do you think has the best shot at winning the Superbowl this year?

Tyler Nickel: The Broncos look really, really good. They get my pick.

Jess Root: I had Houston and Philly before the season. Shows you what I know. Now, you have to like how Green Bay is playing. Likewise, Seattle looks like it is rolling, but we will have to see Wilson play on the road in the postseason. The defense and running game are there, but rookies typically struggle in the playoffs. In the AFC, Tom Brady has his Pats primed for a deep run. Houston still looks good. But if i had to pick right now -- New England and Green Bay.

Randy Fields: AFC Team: Denver Broncos, NFC Team: Seattle Seahawks (as much as it pains me to say it)

Alex Mann: Right now.. Seattle. Hottest team in the NFL and while no rookie QB has ever made it to a SB this might be the year.