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Cardinals vs. Jets: 5 negatives from the embarrassing defeat

The Cardinals managed to score just two field goals on their way to their eighth consecutive loss on Sunday.


What an ugly, ugly game. I really can't say that enough. Yet another week we are sitting here saying the defense played outstanding, but the offense couldn't live up to their end of the bargain. It's just sad, really.

Anyhow, here are five negatives from the game. As always, feel free to disagree with me, yell at me, or whatever else. We are all frustrated, I get it.

1. Ryan Lindley

Honestly, I thought Coach Whisenhunt would have gone with John Skelton in the second half, but he decided to die with his rookie instead. Is this some sort of punishment to Skelton? I mean, he is bad, but is he THAT bad? 10/31 for 72 yards bad? Missing receivers by a half mile bad? What an awful game for Lindley who must have some very bruised confidence right about now.

2. 3rd down conversions

0/15. Need I say more? The Cardinals had multiple chances to make it past the chains on third down, but could not do it even once throughout the game. Beanie Wells was plugged up at the line, mostly by his poor running. The passing attack was nonexistent.

3. Beanie Wells

Speaking of Beanie, I thought he had one of the worst games I have ever seen from him. 15 rushes for 22 yards? Unacceptable. I don't care how bad the offensive line was in the run blocking game. I could fall forward 15 times and gain more yards than that.

4. Coaching decisions

Look, it was up to Whiz on whether or not Lindley should have stayed in. At this point, they are in the evaluation phase anyhow, so I get that he may just want to see how the rookie is stacking up for next season. It makes sense. But the coaches did not put him in a position to succeed. The play-calling was subpar as usual and the routes should have been short and quick to build his confidence.

5. Eighth straight loss

The Cardinals' eighth straight loss this season comes via the Jets. It is like the opposite of last year where the Cards started slow and ended on a hot pace. Coach Whisenhunt is officially on the hot seat now. It is unacceptable for any team to lose 6+ games in three straight seasons.

What do you think of all of this? Should Whiz be fired after the season? I am beginning to think his time has come and gone. Tell us your opinion in the comments section below.

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