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ROTB Roundtable: Firings, Head Coach, and General Manager

The season is over, and the changes have begun.

Nick Doan

With changes comes questions. Here is the ROTB Writing Staff's answers to three of these.

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1) Do you agree with the team's decision to fire Rod Graves and Ken Whisenehunt, as well as nearly the entire Offensive Coaching staff? Are there any firings you do not agree with?

Randy Fields: I completely agree with the firings of Graves, Whis, and nearly all of the Offensive side of the ball. I am almost giddy with anticipation because nearly anybody would do a better job on offense than what the Cardinals had coaching that side of the ball. And the people responsible for the travesty that was the Offensive line needed to be shown the door (Graves, Whis, Grimm).

Alex Mann: Agree with it all. However, I do believe if we had Whiz focus more on coaching and not on personnel decisions things would have been easier. He was a much better coach when he hadn't shouldered so much.

Tyler Nickel: I agree with each and every one of the firings they made. Obviously, it is a bit difficult to see the best head coach in Arizona Cardinals history go, but I think it was time to move on. As for the rest of the offensive staff, sayonara. I shed no tears for them.

2) Who do you think the Cardinals should hire to replace Whisenhunt as Head Coach?

Randy Fields: I would like to see Horton step in the HC position with a big OC name like Turner or Haley brought in to coach the offense. To me that seals up some glaring holes. But having Reid as HC would help. He's run powerful offenses, has a proven eye for talent, and has good relations with a proven O-line coach.

Alex Mann: I'm on whatever train they choose. Personally I want someone with a proven record, so Reid is my #1, Horton #2, and McCoy #3.

Tyler Nickel: This is the big question, isn't it? I will go into detail more in separate posts, but I would be happy with any of the candidates they have interviewed/will interview, which includes Ray Horton, Andy Reid, and Mike McCoy. I think they each bring something special to the table. If I had to choose one, it would definitely be Ray Horton.

3) Who do you think the team should hire to replace Rod Graves as General Manager?

Randy Fields: GM is the one place I'm not very strong. I like the idea of Keim getting his shot, but I would think the interview questions would strongly revolve around QB, OL, and RB questions. I would want to hear the plan of the GM to drafting, trading, and picking up in FA players that will get a turnaround in two years. What's the strategy? Who are you interested in scouting? But most importantly, who's the QB that nobody is talking about?

Alex Mann: I like Keim, but I really doubt he'll stay. If we can get permission for Tom Gamble out of San Francisco he's my number two selection.

Tyler Nickel: This is an easy one for me. Steve Keim should just be promoted to GM. He knows the Cardinals organization and he seems to be pretty loyal. He is one of the most coveted front office people in the league, so why not just keep him on board with a big promotion.