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Kerry Rhodes on Kolb: 'When he was playing, we were winning'

The Arizona safety talks about 2012 and the team moving forward as he is working the media in the offseason

Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes has been a presence in the media since the season ended. He didn't say much about the struggles during the season, but now he is opening up a little bit. Some time ago, he was on "The Opening Drive" on Sirius XM Radio's NFL Radio.

He discussed the struggles of the team's offense, the new coaching staff, losing Ray Horton and the quarterbacks.

He expressed his frustration for losing Ray Horton after the team had such defensive success overall. However, he was excited to get started with Bruce Arians and the new staff.

One thing that you didn't hear too much during the season was the defense's frustration with the offense. Darnell Dockett and Patrick Peterson both alluded to it on a couple of occasions, but it was a line that the players toed rather well.

Rhodes, though, spoke up a little more.

"At the end of the season, it got to the point where it was just mentally draining," said Rhodes. "We came out a fought hard every game."

He said that the season "definitely would have had a different outcome" with offensive consistency.

Regarding the quarterback position, you can see where he leaned, and probably the rest of the defense did as well. He backed Kevin Kolb and his game.

After saying that all the team really needed was a guy that "won't be the reason we lose," he lauded Kolb.

"Kevin played well when he was in there last year," he said. "He was a stable guy, and he was a guy that could come in and make plays. He also played well enough to help us win some games last year."

Does the locker room have confidence in Kolb?

"I can say that right now," he answered. "When he was playing, we were winning. That's the facts, that's the truth."

The team might have other ideas, but it sounds like Rhodes wants to see number four back under center for another shot to show that what he did last season is what he can do in the league.

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